Sideways thinking about things that matter, traveling outside the box and off the beaten track. Contrarian at times, in the nicest possible way. Acting as an agent of change. When I put brown rice, sesame seeds, miso and much more on sale in early 1970’s Britain there was nobody else doing it. When my VegeBurger exploded onto the scene in 1982 a new word entered the language as it opened the market for vegetarian foods. Fractals, the Butterfly Effect and ‘chaos theory’ inspired the world’s only shop dedicated to this exciting new science and prompted my first book, exploring its implications for humanity. A few years later I saw that nobody was representing our life-giving Sun on planet Earth and responded with a book that shines modern light on a universal ancient belief, exploring its profound implications. I like making positive change.

I will be wandering through a medley of fields, including but not limited to food, cosmology, well-being, world affairs, freedom, light, feedback loops, natural government, peace and love.

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