I will be in conversation with former Newsnight Editor Stephen Haggard next Sat, 30th June talking of life without the state, perhaps touching on VegeBurger, living stars and what comes up. It’s a day out in the park at the Queen’s Park Book Festival, with loads of other authors and interesting people speaking, panelling and tickling minds throughout the day. Some are charged and some free including ours, event number 3, on at 12 noon in the Queens Park Community Tent, billed as


A literary brunch with veggie burger king, fractal artist and New Age entrepreneur Greg Sams (founder of Whole Earth foods, creator of the veggie burger, alternative thinker, published writer, entrepreneur), in conversation with local journalist and former Newsnight Editor Stephen Haggard.    





One thought on “High Noon in Queen’s Park

  1. Sorry Gregory, I have been trawling through over a 1000 emails that I have been wading through all morning, & here is the evidence that you did in fact, send me an email informing me of your talk. I literally have just read it now. Thank you for inviting me, & i will try not to let my emails sit unread for this long again. I am sure you were a great success as always. Much Love fifiX


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