World’s oldest indiginous peoples under threat

TestI saw a movie last week that both shocked and surprised me. It’s called Our Generation and catalogues  the Australian government‘s ongoing effort to extinguish the last remnants of the 60,000 year old culture of Australia’s first peoples. It is a shocking tale of racist suppression that is taking place here and now in cool, laid-back Australia. Many will remember Kevin Rudd’s moving apology to the aborigines back in 2008. Well, it’s since become worse and the world stands by, ignorant of blatant land-seizure for mining interests and removals to concentrated housing. While white Australians wantonly rape the land, it is stolen from its rightful owners under falsely righteous accusations of pedophilia.

Surely we should not be playing cricket in such places, nor traveling to holiday while this iniquity continues.OUR GENERATION – revealing new documentary on Aboriginal rights in Australia